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William: October 12 Update

Beloved, by the Lord’s grace I visited Alusine Tarawalley’s [see Oct.10 update] place today; it was just unfortunate that he was out by the time I went. But while I was there, I met his 76 year old Muslim grandmother, Haja Hawa Kallon [Editor: Haja is a title for females who have made pilgrimage to Mecca; Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime is one of the five pillars of Islam].

I introduced myself and sought to preach just Christ. After it all, I left a note for her grandson, prayed for her life, and left. I am not sure, though, if she truly understand or not, but the gospel being the power of God unto salvation (Rom1:16), the Lord will have his way. Let us join faith together in prayers for them as Paul, Sylvanus, and Timothy did in 1Thess.1:2.

Love, William

William: October 10 Update

God indeed deserve all the praise. I’ll continue to lift up my eyes onto the hills from where comes my help, and my help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. By His grace I was able to visit brother Foday and brother Ngegba in Bo [Editor: Bo is the second largest city in Sierra Leone, about a four hour journey from Freetown] today. The urge came upon me when some thieves bumped on brother Foday’s house, beat him up, and took all of his money away.

We thank God that even though they attempted to cut off his hand with a cutlass [machete], their attempts were futile. Therefore, there was a need to see, encourage, and pray with him and the others working with him. Though I’ve tried to on the phone, it was obvious that my presence would make much difference.

Brother Ngegba had visited me in town on many occasions, requesting that I come to search certain passages of the Scriptures. So, we met together to look in the book of I Thessalonians, chapters one and two. You can remember us in prayers as we go through the HOLY SCRIPTURES.

Additionally, I came along on the bus with a young man who had just gained admission to the university and he was full of zeal and courage to read [to major in] African Studies [Editor: A significant part of this course focuses on the spiritualistic rituals of various African Traditional Religions]. With his much zeal I saw a need to tell him about our sweet Lord, just to realize that he had no relationship with HIM.

He eventually accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour, and prayed that He would take over his soul. His name is ALUSINE TARALLEY. I’m trusting God to see him at least once more before he comes over to campus on Monday. I’m trusting the Lord also to leave Bo not later than Sunday. We must redeem the time for the days are evil.

Love, William

William: October 6 Update

Beloved, I always find a reason to share whatever the Lord chooses to do through me in this part of the vineyard. By His grace I was able to carry on a successful Campus evangelism from the 28 September to the 2nd October 2009. I give Him all the praise. Here are some of the testimonies that the Lord used to cheer up my heart so much.

First, one of my lecturers who threatened to fail the whole class because none of the ladies agreed to sleep with him, succeeded in giving me the worst grade ever in my tenure at FBC [Editor: Fourah Bay College]. In fact, that has greatly reduced the total number of points I was supposed to score for a first class degree. In all things however, I still thank God I did not fail.

Secondly, during our evangelism, the Lord chose to lead me to one of the students that was involved in the death of one Mohamed Jowana during their cult initiation [Editor: Ritual cults, many involving threats, torture, and even murder, are one of the most serious problems facing university campuses in West Africa]. They were arrested, charged to court and sent to the Pademba Road maximum security prison for remand.

However, my prayer had always been that the Lord would reach them in jail and glorify Himself in their lives. Some few weeks ago they were granted bail by the government. So when I met one of them, I preached Christ to him without knowing who I was talking to at the start.

He received the message and accepted Christ to be His Lord and Saviour. Later on he confessed that he is ADE TUBOKO MEZIKA, one of the suspects arrested for manslaughter. I was speechless at least for a while. I’ve started though a discipleship session with him shortly after that by looking at ‘WHO IS A CHRISTIAN?’

I provided for him a Bible from one of the ones we have on campus. He was reading himself as I gave out the references. The following day he was supposed to appear in court, so I volunteered to go with him and, as the Lord would have it, I met with the other suspects. I wasted no time to preach to them too and prayed for them, trusting God to lead them to the best path of their lives. Currently I’m hoping to follow up Ade to the best of my ability as the Lord will direct. Join faith with me, beloved, that this soul will truly be the Lord’s.

Lastly, in one of the sessions, I had the opportunity to preach to almost all of the freshmen students. I began with Isa. 1:18 along with many other salvation Scriptures. Afterwards I prayed and the choir came and ministered in songs. Among the students, one of them called TEJAN ROGERS met me privately and accepted the Lord. I’m also trusting God to follow him up. Pray for him also.

Love, William.

William: September 11 Update

Brother Simeon has been thrown out of the school he was teaching in there in Lunsar because (1) the school is a Catholic built and administered school (2) He has persistently taught the pupils about our Lord Jesus Christ and (3) time and again he used to carry his Bible to the school which is deemed illegal by them even if you’re a Christian.
As well, a group of pupils who were affected by Simeon’s teachings and testimonies took up the decision to follow Christ and began to hold meetings among themselves in school. Persecution broke out and they were invited to respond to the accusation of whether they are Christians, that is, born again or not. They actually publicly confessed   their faith. Therefore some of them have been driven [Editor: expelled from the school] and others served warning letters.

We are going to hold a retreat with some students from the fellowship starting from 15 to 19 September 2009 at the chapel in Murray Town.  Also we will have our annual Orientation Missions for freshmen coming to campus starting from the 21 September 2009.  We are counting on your prayers for this venture that the Lord will reach His own on campus so that as He has kept me thus far, so shall He for them also.

 Love, William.

William: Mission Trip to Provinces

I’m grateful to God that His hand is still upon me even in my distress. Actually, I’m walking after Him by his unfailing grace each day. I came just today from the provinces where I visited Lunsar, Kabala, Tendatha, and Bendugu.

Moving about reaching the unreached really cheers my heart and brings me fulfillment. In Lunsar, for instance, I had the chance to tell a group of young people about the Lord’s love for them, and believe that lives were touched through that testimony.

In Kabala we went with some brethren from the Chapel [Editor: This is the fellowship in Freetown that brothers William and Foday serve the saints] to a village about 5 miles from the township. We had a wonderful time such as sleeping on the floor in one class room, teaching the village youths and children about Jesus and school work, and sharing some used clothing that we took along. We trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

Love, William.

William: June 10 Update

It is a shame that I have to share this with you, that one of my lecturers called Mr. ____ openly in his man-made thinking, declared that our class is cursed [In the West African context this means that he has invoked evil spiritual powers to ruin others] because all the ladies in the class have refused to sleep with him.  In fact, he gave us an assignment but is refusing to provide the information so we can do it; and this is to be part of our final assessment!  A fool indeed; what a shame. 


He actually has in mind to fail us [Often students are pressured to bribe instructors with money, sexual “favors,” or initiation into ritual secret society cults], if not me in particular, because for some reason he knows I believe in the Lord.  I’m not threatened though, because I know I’m not under the Law and I’m free from its curses; just to let you know how the prince of this world has blinded the eyes of people and made their hearts gross.  May the Lord deliver him.  Love, William.



William: May 22 Update

There is a teenager whose parents are Muslims and, as the Lord would have it, I preached to him and he has accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour.  In fact, I am holding a Bible study session with him at 5:00AM every morning in my room behind closed doors.  According to him, he is willing to be a Christian, but if his father knows that now at this initial stage, he will be in trouble.  I encouraged him though from Ps. 27:10, “If your mother and father forsake you, the Lord will take care of you.”  He can read from the Bible [literacy in Sierra Leone is estimated at around 25%].  Remember us in you prayers for the Lord’s work in ABDULAI JALLOH and wisdom to impact him all the more with the truth. Love, William.

William: May 12 Update

The Lord has granted us [William and Foday together] the chance to see the people of Rogbere, Rotaprr and PortLoko [the area where the Phillips’ formerly lived].  In Gbere Junction we met with N and K [a Christian married couple] and no doubt the information that we have received about him was confirmed; indeed, he has a girl friend and has even impregnated her. That undoubtedly brought turmoil between them.  But as the Lord would have it, we spoke to him in hard language and encouraged him from the pure milk of the Word of God.  In his response, K wept in repentance over his sin and asked the Lord for mercy.  N was too encouraged and charged to forgive K as the Lord has commanded.


We will not give up K for this, but would rather keep in close touch with him and N to see what the Lord will do.  Remember, we all stumble in many ways and those who think they are strong should be careful lest they fall. Truly K is a baby Christian.


In Rotaprr we started off by checking on A and encouraged him to live the life the Lord wants him to live, not what men would dictate to him.  We actually prayed for his and Kono Boy’s households. From the look of things he seems to be devoted to the “work of God,” but I’m not sure of his relationship with the Father through the Son. The reason being, Christianity is a way of life, not activities of men.  We are still interested in him, pray for him, and trust the Lord to help him out.


We met Marie, Ibrahim and Momoh, Aunty Sama [these are children and a woman that Patti had great influence on, both spiritually and practically, all of whom professed to receive Christ], and the village leadership. We had a fruitful encouragement with the children; in fact, in response they wrote letters to Channa and Stephan [two of the Phillips’ children] which I’ll find time to send to them soon.  


Honestly, their lives need help; they look very malnourished.  Marie has taken her NPSE exams to move on to a secondary school, Ibrahim is walking daily to and fro to Gbere Junction [about 9km] to attend a Muslim secondary school [the only high school in the area], and Momoh has dropped out of school because there is no money to pay his fees.  Aunty Sama is too in a very bad condition and I’m not sure of how she is doing spiritually.  We have agreed to be meeting them as often as the Lord will have us do. 


In Portloko, we met Isatu and Alimamy with a lot of spiritual challenges [this couple was led to the Lord and baptized by Steve and Patti].  Foremost among them is the fact that one so-called “Pastor” who claimed to represent the LORD, has just abandoned his wife and impregnated a girlfriend in the town. This was not actually helpful to these new converts feeding from milk (Alimamy and Isatu).  In response to that, we actually encouraged them that man should not be our example in the faith, especially those who live in sharp contrast to the Words they proclaim.  


Added to that, Isatu’s stomach problem [female trouble] still continues and the need for an operation has been diagnosed which, when done, except for God’s intervention, she will not bear children any more [the typical African perspective is that barrenness is due to a spiritual curse and often the wife is divorced because of it in order to obtain another who will bear children; the bearing of children generally being the most important reason to marry in West Africa]. They were requested to pay the sum of Le 800,000 for the surgery [about $275 or equivalent to 5 months’ salary in Sierra Leone].  


On the issue of the operation and the fears of the wife, we exhorted them that they should continue to seek the Lord to tell them what to do and that they should cast their burden to the Lord, for He will care for them.  Child bearing is not man’s work but the Lord’s; that if God pleases, He will remember them with or without the operation as He did for Hannah, Isaac’s wife, and Elizabeth in Luke 1.  We shared the little that we could from the Word of God, prayed with them, and returned.


The trip on the whole was, by the grace of God, successful.  

William: March/April Update

Middle March:  About our evangelism to the Provinces, we are planning to go to Magburaka on the 16/03/2009 and return on 22/03/2009. The Lord has made up a group of 82 students available for this mission trip; pray for us. The passage of Scripture that the Lord has laid in my heart for the programme is Jos. 6:1-10 and the theme is Exodus 5:1 ‘LET MY PEOPLE GO’.  I also want to teach on the tabernacle and “The Gospel for Muslims” [one of Steve’s books instructing Christians how to present the gospel to Muslims] to the students.


The Lord has answered one of my prayers that has to with Simeon’s decision about the gospel. To the glory of God, Simeon has agreed that the Lord laid it in his heart to continue in fellowship with me, Francis, Morris and some others who would join the trail to contend for the faith [by being willing to endure persecution from the extreme Pentecostal version of the church in West Africa]. This he said to me this evening. Pray for us, for the Lord’s wisdom and wise counsel in all our ways. Love, William.


April:  This guy called Saliu Kamara has been a friend to us for so long a time and all through that period we have been telling him about the Lord.  Pray for his salvation that we might encourage him in our little ways. 


As the Lord would have it, a few days ago I prayed and talked to him again, and he honestly confessed that he has an evil spirit from childhood that has been controlling his life.  The spirit, according to him, is a female demon.  Added to that, he prayed willingly to receive the Lord Jesus as his Lord and personal saviour. 


The following day he called his Muslim father who had held him right before now a Muslim and told him about his decision to follow the Lord. In fact, the Lord has laid it in my heart to engage him in a personal Bible study to show him about the Lord.  The name of the brother again is SALIU KAMARA.  I started with him today this morning before I went for lectures. The passages we looked at are, Jn.3:3-19; 14:6; 10:10; Acts 4:12; Rom10:9-10. I’m hoping to meet with him this evening for further studies.   


Remember us in your prayers that the Lord will draw him closer and closer to himself and to grace me to die to self all the more, that as long as I leave I will remain a voice and He will be seen, received and believed by many who will hear His voice through me. Love you, Mom and Dad, William.

William: May 1 Update

If the Lord approves of it I want to engage in Missions in my future; where and how to go about it only God can tell.  At the moment I just feel the urgent burden to reach the unreached with the gospel of peace. Also in recent past, more and more people are coming up to me with a lot of life challenges for counseling, and by the grace of God, the Lord was able to give me utterances. In fact, I and brother Foday are praying for a trip to the province [This is the rural area where Steve and Patti lived about 110km from Freetown]this weekend starting from Gbere Junction, Rotaprr [The village where Steve and Patti lived for over 2 years] and Portloko to see all the brethren: Remember us in your prayers. As I write, Dad, Simeon has opted to resign from all official positions in his local church, the reason being that he wants to stand for the truth devoid of [corrupting] influence; this came out after I visited him in Lunsar some few days ago. The brother Morris whom you asked me to give a copy of Are We Like Christ? [one of Steve’s books] is also in touch, wanting to know whatever step the Lord will lead me to take; for he is readily available to come on board. Honestly, a lot of the people I meet with day by day have similar thoughts. I think, though I’m not certain, that Christ is on the verge to recruit an army for Himself in Sierra Leone. Remember Simeon on his decision because I know the G.O. [General Overseer] of his church will not take it lightly with him. Let us continue to pray. Love, William.