Emmanuel: May 21 update

I am pleased to share with you that the majority of the people who saw me as a rebel when I left where I was [the large Pentecostal ministry that had accused him of being an agent of Satan in their midst], are now coming to me to say sorry for what they did.  They are realizing the truth very clearly by what they are seeing the Lord do in our midst. Whenever any one of them comes around, I remember your wise words spoken to me that “one day they will all come to see you;” and we are seeing this happen now as the Lord continues to manifest His glory in the work he has called us to do.


I am still working on the material of my testimony which I believe will be of great help to those who have not faced such situations and for those who are faced with it and want to make decisions that glorify the Lord and Master whom we serve.


Give our love to everyone with much love from us and the brethren here.


Emmanuel and Liz