William: March/April Update

Middle March:  About our evangelism to the Provinces, we are planning to go to Magburaka on the 16/03/2009 and return on 22/03/2009. The Lord has made up a group of 82 students available for this mission trip; pray for us. The passage of Scripture that the Lord has laid in my heart for the programme is Jos. 6:1-10 and the theme is Exodus 5:1 ‘LET MY PEOPLE GO’.  I also want to teach on the tabernacle and “The Gospel for Muslims” [one of Steve’s books instructing Christians how to present the gospel to Muslims] to the students.


The Lord has answered one of my prayers that has to with Simeon’s decision about the gospel. To the glory of God, Simeon has agreed that the Lord laid it in his heart to continue in fellowship with me, Francis, Morris and some others who would join the trail to contend for the faith [by being willing to endure persecution from the extreme Pentecostal version of the church in West Africa]. This he said to me this evening. Pray for us, for the Lord’s wisdom and wise counsel in all our ways. Love, William.


April:  This guy called Saliu Kamara has been a friend to us for so long a time and all through that period we have been telling him about the Lord.  Pray for his salvation that we might encourage him in our little ways. 


As the Lord would have it, a few days ago I prayed and talked to him again, and he honestly confessed that he has an evil spirit from childhood that has been controlling his life.  The spirit, according to him, is a female demon.  Added to that, he prayed willingly to receive the Lord Jesus as his Lord and personal saviour. 


The following day he called his Muslim father who had held him right before now a Muslim and told him about his decision to follow the Lord. In fact, the Lord has laid it in my heart to engage him in a personal Bible study to show him about the Lord.  The name of the brother again is SALIU KAMARA.  I started with him today this morning before I went for lectures. The passages we looked at are, Jn.3:3-19; 14:6; 10:10; Acts 4:12; Rom10:9-10. I’m hoping to meet with him this evening for further studies.   


Remember us in your prayers that the Lord will draw him closer and closer to himself and to grace me to die to self all the more, that as long as I leave I will remain a voice and He will be seen, received and believed by many who will hear His voice through me. Love you, Mom and Dad, William.