Foday: May Update



 What can separate us from the love of God?  We say, “Nothing!”

To God be the glory forever and ever, Amen.  The work here is going well with the Lord still doing wonders among the brethren in the fellowship.

Brother David [that Foday has recently led to the Lord] is facing serious problems in his life.  He was going to take his high school exams so as to enter the university next year.  He used to write with his right hand throughout his school days, but suddenly during the exams he was no longer able to write with his right hand and had to immediately switch to his left.  He could not finish his work in the exam hall and is worried about the outcome.

Also, he became seriously ill and we had to spend time in prayer and reading God’s Word together.  Before that, whenever he wanted to commit himself to the way of the Lord, he faced difficulties that tended to shake his faith.

Join us in prayers as we look forward to see what the Lord will do for him.  He has zeal without knowledge and the spirit of timidity and fear is still in him.  But the Lord has been merciful to him and He is restoring his health.  Gladys and I are helping him with some finances to take treatment in the hospital.  We are confident that He who has started a good work in him, will bring it to completion till the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another sister (Hannah) who has been a member [of our fellowship] for sometimes now also got some attacks.  In a dream, she was bitten by a cat [a cat in West Africa is often believed to be a witch] on her foot which resulted a few days later in experiencing pain on the same foot.  Two days following on one Saturday as I was going round to visit the brethren, I met her in her house vomiting blood and the situation became serious.  As we were praying, she explained the dream to me and I told her to take courage, trust in the Lord with all her heart, and it shall be will.  

Sunday morning after the fellowship we went to see her again together with some brothers and sisters and we spent some time in prayers and hearing the Word of God.  She received a lot of advice [from outsiders] to see traditional people [juju men/spiritists] to do some funny things [obtain charms/magic potions] but she was convinced to trust in the Lord.  We are happy to inform you that sister Hannah is now doing fine.  She lives in a Muslim dominated community, but her testimony has proven to a lot that Jesus is Lord.  She is still young in the faith but we trust the Lord for her continuing progress in the faith.

Our brother in the Lord, Victor Conteh [younger brother of William Yandi-Conteh whose contributions are on this blog], who is qualifying year [a graduating senior] in the college of medicine, is also in a very serious situation.  As he is coming closer to his exams, he is experiencing brain fatigue and cannot comprehend as he reads.  We have spent some time in prayers and even now, we are still praying as his health is still to be perfectly alright.

The fellowship is still growing on Sundays and so also on Tuesdays for Bible study.  The Lord is using brother William to help us understand His word.  We thank God for all the brothers and sisters and despite the difficult circumstances we face, we have not given up the faith and we are very much willing to search the word of truth.

The meeting with Ishmael is suspended for the moment, yet I visit him every Saturday for personal discussions.  He loves the Lord with all his heart and we are trusting the Lord to reveal Himself more and more to him.  Please pray for his father so that he can be transformed by his son in due time.

As we go through these trials we are being restored all the more, and what we are facing helps us to demonstrate true love to one another living a Christ-like life.  We no longer care about personal interests, but what will serve as a blessing to all and open doors for more to be brought to the saving knowledge of Christ.

The Lord helps us as we (Brother William, Sister Gladys and I) will be visiting the brethren in Port Loko [the area where the Phillips used to live] in mid June to spend two days with them in the Word of God.  What we are going to teach we don’t know as of yet, but we believe the Lord will give us direction as we get to them.  Pray for us.

May the Lord who is capable of doing more abundantly and exceedingly than we can ever imagine, keep us all in His grace.  As long as we live, we want to do the work of an apostle we find joy in converting souls for Him that loves us.