Emmanuel: Thanks June 6

Dear Daddy Steve,


Good to receive your letter on Lacking Leaders [see Steve Phillips post of June 6] to us as brethren.


It come to me as an iron sharpener and support to the work we are doing here.  I was able to read it and share it with the brethren in our Thursday Bible study meeting.  They were well moved and happy to hear a word of knowledge and wisdom coming from you to us all.


Though all the words and expressions made are all challenging and encouraging and express the true heart of a father that cares for his children, but there stands out a peculiar statement which I believe touches our hearts and the brethren here which reads, REMEMBER THOSE WHO LED YOU, WHO SPOKE THE WORD OF GOD TO YOU, AND CONSIDERING THE RESULT OF THEIR CONDUCT, IMITATE THEIR FAITH – HEB 13.7.


We are captured with these words strongly and we cherish them so much; more especially when we are receiving it from somebody who has spent time with us in sharing the word of truth, slept with us in one of the most neglected communities in the eastern part of Freetown just for the sake of the gospel, and has been faced with persecution in the hands of our religious leaders of the so called high places.  


We are proud to imitate you as you imitate Christ, which you have demonstrated times without number during your time spent with us and your family.    We are expecting more challenging statements from you as time goes on.


With much love from us all to your entire family and the brethren out there.




Emmanuel and Liz.