William: June 10 Update

It is a shame that I have to share this with you, that one of my lecturers called Mr. ____ openly in his man-made thinking, declared that our class is cursed [In the West African context this means that he has invoked evil spiritual powers to ruin others] because all the ladies in the class have refused to sleep with him.  In fact, he gave us an assignment but is refusing to provide the information so we can do it; and this is to be part of our final assessment!  A fool indeed; what a shame. 


He actually has in mind to fail us [Often students are pressured to bribe instructors with money, sexual “favors,” or initiation into ritual secret society cults], if not me in particular, because for some reason he knows I believe in the Lord.  I’m not threatened though, because I know I’m not under the Law and I’m free from its curses; just to let you know how the prince of this world has blinded the eyes of people and made their hearts gross.  May the Lord deliver him.  Love, William.