Emmanuel: June 22 Update

It’s good to see your message again [see Steve Phillips’ article, Judgment, Jesus, & Jihad] which is really timely for the community in which we find ourselves and the people we are dealing with at the moment.  I have printed it and will share it with the brethren here.

As you know our fellowship meeting place is situated in the midst of a strong Muslim community with almost 85% Muslims. But in all this, the Lord has continued to prove Himself through the teachings of His Word to the people in this community.

In as much as we are faced with numerous challenges and opposition, yet God continues to show the true Power and authority in his Word as the fellowship continues to grow from strength to strength. We are not only proud of you, but we are also proud to show you and share with you the things that the Lord has done and is doing in our midst.

Through your quality time spent with us sharing the Word of God, I am happy to let you know that I am personally discipling 7 brothers who have really captured the truth and are at present positively  affecting  their surroundings. One of them is a Muslim brother who is presently staying with us in our house. He really faces serious persecution from his family members who rejected him and threw him out of their entire family for the sake of accepting Christ and being baptized in the name of the Lord.

I am also happy to share with you and the brethren out there that 12 brethren here have gone through baptism, including 4 Muslims; the eldest among them is 47 years old.  I have attached photos of the persecuted Muslim brother on the day of his baptism together with the other brethren.

I have also attached Teaching info which I have prepared for the 7 brothers I am discipling at the moment [see Emmanuel’s Christian Maturity Series on his posts].  I meet with these guys to study the Bible together twice every week in a separate meeting from the general fellowship meeting.  As you were meeting with me privately to spend time in teaching, so I am also meeting with them.

The Lord has really been merciful to us as He protects and guards us day by day.  At present we are desperately looking for a place as our present residence is seriously congested and has become an eye sore [problem] for my family at the moment.  We can’t drive anybody out, but will pray until the Lord makes the way possible for us to secure a bigger place that will accommodate a family of twelve, with room for strangers.  

[Note: Steve and Patti have slept in the Freeman’s current rented home several times.  It is about 330 sq. ft. consisting of two rooms and a parlor, having a charcoal fire on the porch to cook on, outside shared community bathroom, and no running water in the neighborhood.  They house several young men and one mentally handicapped young woman besides their own children.  Apart from the Freeman’s love and hospitality, these ones would have no where to stay].

Thinking on some of these issues and their prevailing challenges especially with issues surrounding some of these guys like Kenneth (Alpha), James, Patrick, Joseph and Daniel that are supposed to be in the University, having gotten all their requirements but who lack the financial means.  This strikes my heart strongly and keeps me thinking a lot.

But in all these things we give thanks to God, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to whom be glory, honour, praise and adoration.  Please remember us and the work here in your prayers.

Give our love to mum and the brethren out there, we love and cherish them all.

With much love to you, 

Emmanuel and Liz.