Yinnkah: June Ministry in Otukpo

The following report was submitted by brother Amos Agbochenu, giving the highlights of brother Yinnkah’s recent trip to Benue State.

We began with three days of teaching accompanied by prayer and fasting from the 19th to the 22nd of June, meeting in one of the primary schools here in Otukpo. Professor H.C. Inyiama from the Federal University of Technology in Awka, Anambra State joined brother Yinnkah in the teaching.

More that one hundred people attended the meetings and prayer points included evangelization of Idoma land and the entire nation of Nigeria, as well as some of the most pressing problems of our country such as revival of God’s church, corruption 419 [Editor: 419 is a designation in Nigeria for fraud, embezzlement, and corruption in general], political assassination, occult practices, and armed robbery. 

Yinnkah spoke on the prayer life of Jesus Christ at the Mount of Olives from Lk.22:39-46 with many references from the Scriptures. The brethren were enlightened as people listened with radiant faces and testified of the truths they received. Professor Inyiama also rejoiced as he heard brother Yinnkah ministering “all the word of this life” (Acts 5:20).

On the following two days, Dr. Daniel of Saint Daniel’s Hospital in Otukpo, brother Simon Egwu, and I arranged for the meetings that were held there with twenty one in attendance. Brother Yinnkah spoke on types and shadows in the Bible with Rom.15:4 and I Cor.10:1-6 as the key texts introducing that topic.  Although rain was about prevent the meeting of the second day [Editor: This is the tropical rainy season and there are no taxis in Otukpo, the chief means of transport being on the back of for-hire motorbikes], but Dr. Daniel in his zeal for the studies took his own car through heavy rain to pick up brother Yinnkah, Amos, and others to that gathering.

On the twenty fourth of June, we left Otukpo to the village of Ugbobi accompanied by Amos’ daughter, Oyiwodu. The ministry of the Word started on the 25th and continued to Sunday, June 28 with brother Yinnkah ministering assisted by a young man named Fatian as interpreter. The meetings were held in the evenings from 8 to 10pm. The messages centered on the topic of sin, its consequences, remedy, and especially the need of repentance before faith in Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit held people together and one man confessed that they had never heard this type of message before, only that of demands of money by their denomination. Lives were saved by hearing the message of salvation. Several women came for counseling and were prayed with. A young man was ministered to privately and he confessed to stealing his father’s hand set [cell phone].

The father was invited and together they were ministered to.  Kneeling down and asking for forgiveness, the son returned his father’s hand set and the father blessed God for ministry. One of the great joys that Christians in the village had was the reconciliation of two brothers who are Christians and of the same parents [Editor: Polygamy, divorce and remarriage are very common and such alienation is expected among those siblings, but not those of the same parentage]. They were reconciled and re-united after a long time of hatred and bitterness that no other Christians from the area could settle.

Finally, the last day of the meetings was quite busy with three successive meetings apart from Sunday’s worship. The meeting closed by 10pm, the brethren having thanked God and prayed that Yinnkah might make a return visit to them in February next year, God willing. The following day in the evening we went to the local church at Sabongeri in Otukpo for Bible study where Yinnkah instructed the brethren from the Scriptures.