Foday: July Update

With joy and thanksgiving we are joyful in the Lord because His mercies endure forever.

The Lord has been so good to us as ever and in His love and mercy we are going forward in His service. Though much was not done in the past month, but we are ever happy for what ever little He permits us to do in His vineyard. The exams are over and all the brethren are on holiday and we are all praising God together in our fellowship for what He has taken us through in our different institutions.

We thank our God every time we remember you. In all our prayers for all of you, we always pray with joy because of your support from the first day until today. We are sure that you have not forgotten us a day in your prayers for the work of the Lord in Sierra Leone.

We are happy to inform you all that most of the brothers and sisters in the fellowship (about 18 in number) will be traveling to Kabala from the 10—15 of August for children and youth Bible studies.  We also will be sharing with the people there what the Lord has blessed us with, such as used clothing, since this is the most terrible time for most of them there.  The rains here are very heavy [Editor: and Kabala is much colder than other places in SL] and a good number of the people there are without clothes to use when they come from their farms [Editor: Many in the villages have but their ragged pants and T-shirt].

We think we have more than one set each in the fellowship, so we have decided to give whatever the Lord has laid in our hearts to give.  I am proud to say a good number of our members have responded to this call. This is the gift we are taking to them along with the gospel.

Though many more want to go on this trip, we are financially constrained and we cannot afford transportation for all. Whatever happens, we want to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ which we have received from Him through the help of the Holy Spirit and His servant.

Though we are been opposed about what we preach and believe, we are not frightened in any way by those who think we are lacking in the truth; what we received from God is what we pass on to others.

Joins us in prayer in the following prayer points:

* That the Lord will give us boldness to speak the truth without fear in this land that is dominated by Muslims and traditional idolatrous religion.

* That the Lord will bring to us faithful brothers and sisters so that during our stay in that place, we may able to affect lives.

* That the Lord will make provisions for us so as to enable all our brothers and sisters that have the desire to preach the Gospel there to take part in this trip.

Greet all the brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Let no man cause us trouble for we bear the mark of Christ on our backs.