Yinnkah: New Work at Alakia

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m glad to inform you that the Lord has opened up a new door of ministry that we pray and hope He will bless.

Several members of a denomination ruled by a woman General Overseer [G.O.] were recently excommunicated.  Their offence? They failed to acknowledge her as G.O. in a handbill they produced to publicize a church program.

Some years back, bro Samson [Editor: one of brother Titus and Yinnkah’s disciples] had taught among them the error of having a lady G.O. from the biblical point of view which resulted in his eviction from that system. However, the seed of the Word sown among them stuck in the minds of some, including one of the male elders. 

So now that virtually the whole membership of that branch was excluded, they turned to bro Samson from whom they had once learned some Bible truth.  Though the woman G.O. afterwards attempted to lure the people back, she went too far and the flock wishes to seek true pasture far from her empire! She may have flushed them out of her auditorium, but not out of the kingdom of God!

 Therefore, it seemed fitting to the brethren for me to start a weekly Bible study with them beginning next Wednesday at the house of one of their former leading elders. Bro Busayo and bro Samson will accompany me to meet with these people, Lord willing.

The Ore Meji brethren were so glad about this development, especially the outgoing bro David. While we attend to these new brethren, Tobi and bro Kunle will be meeting with those at Ore Meji in my absence. Do pray that the light of the gospel may be further reflected in all of our lives. May more of God’s people be set free from the chains of the false shepherds of our generation. I hope to update you after my first meeting with them.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.  Love, Yinnkah