Yinnkah: Tola Bewaji’s Retreat Report

Brother Titus began our meeting on Friday around 8 pm with an exposition of John 13:1-17. Christ is our true One, a loving Lord and holy Steward; the perfect pattern to emulate and follow.  He exemplifies true devotion, humility, reconciliation, and love for His disciples – even today.  The meeting ended around 11:30 pm.

The next morning at 6am, bro Yinnkah ministered on the subject, “Are we like Jesus Christ?” from Matthew10:24-25. It was a call to walk in holiness, truth, and love, just as He walked; to preach the word, speaking the truth in love to win lost souls to the kingdom of heaven.  

Jesus accepts sinners while he lovingly corrects their lives rather than despising or condemning them, unlike the religious leaders of His day in Palestine. Christ rather leads them to repentance and the knowledge of the truth.

The following practical scriptural truths for evangelism today were taught: [1] Jesus Christ mixed with sinners yet without personal contamination -Lk.15:1; 1Cor.5:11-13; Rom.12:19,21; Isa.6:5f; Lk.5:8; Heb.9:14. [2] God Himself will keep and guide us in this venture – Jn.17:14-17; I Jn.5:18; I Cor.10:32; I Cor. 9:21-27;  [3] Like Jesus, keeping company with sinners must be for evangelistic reasons rather than mere social purposes.

Later that same day, the brothers and sisters divided into separate meetings. The brothers’ meeting entailed prayers, hymn singing, and Bible reading with an exhortation by bro Kunle from Titus 2:1-2 to hold to sound doctrine, maintaining a good quality of life, and showing discernment which is an indication of spiritual maturity (Heb.5:14).

The session was ended with a tense discussion about men’s responsibility of providing for their families even in the midst of poverty. Bro Israel shared with us some of his experiences in this matter and the concluding prayer was heartfelt.

In the sisters’ meeting, they discussed their responsibilities at home towards their husbands and children from Tit. 2:3-5; Ex. 2:9; Heb:13:4; I Pet.3:1-6. Their meeting was led by sis Dorcas, bro Titus’ wife.

At the last day of the meeting we broke bread [communion, Lord’s Supper] as bros. Tobi and Yinnkah taught on its uniqueness and significance for Christians. This was preceded by prayers, supplications and intercession for all men and for the body of Christ at large.

We thank the Lord for His protection of bro Israel Jimoh who had an accident on his motorbike as he left for his home in Alabata. He sustained an injury to his left leg and some of the brethren who heard of the accident promptly left to take him to the hospital [Editor: There is not ambulance and emergency medical response in Nigeria as there is in the USA].

Though now discharged, it will yet take some time before he can regain the use of the leg. For the meantime, so that he may be able to take care of his family, the brethren agreed to be sending him some support on a weekly basis. The collection is to be made every Lord’s day. The following day after the accident we were able to send him some food stuff coupled with the sum of 2000 Naira [about $14]. Please keep him in your prayers.

Hopefully, tomorrow bro Tobi will mail you some scanned photographs of the retreat.

May the love of Christ reign in our hearts. Amen.  Love, Tola Bewaji for the brethren in Ibadan.