Yinnkah: Alakia update

This is the third time I’ve tried to send you an update on the new work at Alakia but unfortunately the internet server has been bad.  The meeting held last week as scheduled in the house of brother Ayelaagbe. Nine of us gathered along with bros Samson and Busayo. The brother summoned his wife and two children with a neighbor to join the meeting.

I taught on God’s pattern for His house, clarifying how all things must be according to divine pattern and not ours, no matter how great they may be. Christ is the foundation of the church and He alone determines the structure laid on it. I continued this teaching yesterday with more emphasis on Christ as the center of all things in His Church.

Bro Ayelaagbe was eager to join us at Ore Meji as well where I still worship with the brethren on Sundays. Sorry for this brief update, but I am having a bout with malaria. Bro David Adasho sends his greetings, Tobi too.