William: Mission Trip to Provinces

I’m grateful to God that His hand is still upon me even in my distress. Actually, I’m walking after Him by his unfailing grace each day. I came just today from the provinces where I visited Lunsar, Kabala, Tendatha, and Bendugu.

Moving about reaching the unreached really cheers my heart and brings me fulfillment. In Lunsar, for instance, I had the chance to tell a group of young people about the Lord’s love for them, and believe that lives were touched through that testimony.

In Kabala we went with some brethren from the Chapel [Editor: This is the fellowship in Freetown that brothers William and Foday serve the saints] to a village about 5 miles from the township. We had a wonderful time such as sleeping on the floor in one class room, teaching the village youths and children about Jesus and school work, and sharing some used clothing that we took along. We trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

Love, William.