William: September 11 Update

Brother Simeon has been thrown out of the school he was teaching in there in Lunsar because (1) the school is a Catholic built and administered school (2) He has persistently taught the pupils about our Lord Jesus Christ and (3) time and again he used to carry his Bible to the school which is deemed illegal by them even if you’re a Christian.
As well, a group of pupils who were affected by Simeon’s teachings and testimonies took up the decision to follow Christ and began to hold meetings among themselves in school. Persecution broke out and they were invited to respond to the accusation of whether they are Christians, that is, born again or not. They actually publicly confessed   their faith. Therefore some of them have been driven [Editor: expelled from the school] and others served warning letters.

We are going to hold a retreat with some students from the fellowship starting from 15 to 19 September 2009 at the chapel in Murray Town.  Also we will have our annual Orientation Missions for freshmen coming to campus starting from the 21 September 2009.  We are counting on your prayers for this venture that the Lord will reach His own on campus so that as He has kept me thus far, so shall He for them also.

 Love, William.