Foday: April Update

     We thank God whom we serve with clear mind and who also considered us to be partakers in His vineyard as fellow workers.  The fellowship with the brethren is growing and doing fine despite the storm of sin that is blowing hard here in Sierra Leone which seems to take away a lot of young people from the kingdom of God; but He always has His own and His own know Him.

     The message in this past month has been about our responsibilities in the lives of other young people around us and how we should help to rescue them from this world of perversion.  I have personally embarked on house to house evangelism, preaching the gospel to young Muslims as I meet them in various places.  During my three weeks holiday from teaching at school, the Lord enabled me to meet a few people whom He has considered worthy to partake in the salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ.

    I was able to meet the following people that I will like the family of Christ to join with me in prayers for them.  Their names are Ishmael, Sao Sesay, Isatu Mansaray, Hawa Koroma, David Kanu, Amie Sesay, and Sarah Kamara.  I will give a brief explanation about some of them.

     Ishmael is a boy of 8 years of age who has heard the message of Jesus Christ from his primary school [religious education, either Christian or Muslim, is part of the mandated curriculum in the Sierra Leone school system]. His father is an imam [a teacher/leader in the Islamic religion] who owns and leads a very big mosque around Aberdeen Road here in Freetown.   Ishmael told me when I met him that after hearing the saving message of Jesus Christ, he came home and explained to his father about what he was told at school, about this Jesus.

     His father was so angry with him that he promised to beat him to death if he ever heard that he was listening to such messages again.  So even when I was talking with him, he was so fearful that his father might meet us talking.  Ishmael made it very clear that he loves Jesus and has accepted Him as Lord and Saviour, but the problem he was facing is how to attend church. After a long discussion I encouraged him to pray to Jesus even in his heart, and not to try to come to any church.    

     Presently we are having Bible study in one unfinished house nearby [there are many uncompleted cement block abandoned structures throughout Sierra Leone since the war] and we have met three times now.  His father and mother are always in the shop for the rest of the day and they come home by 10 pm.  Pray for Ishmael; the seed has been planted and we are looking up to the Giver of fruit to give the increase.

     Sao Sesay is a young man that accepted Christ recently after I preached  to him in his house.  He is about 28 years old and has been a Muslim throughout till the day I met him though he has been thinking of becoming a Christian.  Since his whole family is Muslim he found it difficult to decide, but now he has taken the bold step to follow Christ. He has joined the fellowship [where Foday does much of the teaching] and we are studying the Bible together every Saturday in his house at 5pm. Pray for this soul too.
     Isatu and Hawa accepted Christ few weeks back when I met them in their home.  They have been Muslim though not fanatic.  They are now part of the fellowship.