William: October 6 Update

Beloved, I always find a reason to share whatever the Lord chooses to do through me in this part of the vineyard. By His grace I was able to carry on a successful Campus evangelism from the 28 September to the 2nd October 2009. I give Him all the praise. Here are some of the testimonies that the Lord used to cheer up my heart so much.

First, one of my lecturers who threatened to fail the whole class because none of the ladies agreed to sleep with him, succeeded in giving me the worst grade ever in my tenure at FBC [Editor: Fourah Bay College]. In fact, that has greatly reduced the total number of points I was supposed to score for a first class degree. In all things however, I still thank God I did not fail.

Secondly, during our evangelism, the Lord chose to lead me to one of the students that was involved in the death of one Mohamed Jowana during their cult initiation [Editor: Ritual cults, many involving threats, torture, and even murder, are one of the most serious problems facing university campuses in West Africa]. They were arrested, charged to court and sent to the Pademba Road maximum security prison for remand.

However, my prayer had always been that the Lord would reach them in jail and glorify Himself in their lives. Some few weeks ago they were granted bail by the government. So when I met one of them, I preached Christ to him without knowing who I was talking to at the start.

He received the message and accepted Christ to be His Lord and Saviour. Later on he confessed that he is ADE TUBOKO MEZIKA, one of the suspects arrested for manslaughter. I was speechless at least for a while. I’ve started though a discipleship session with him shortly after that by looking at ‘WHO IS A CHRISTIAN?’

I provided for him a Bible from one of the ones we have on campus. He was reading himself as I gave out the references. The following day he was supposed to appear in court, so I volunteered to go with him and, as the Lord would have it, I met with the other suspects. I wasted no time to preach to them too and prayed for them, trusting God to lead them to the best path of their lives. Currently I’m hoping to follow up Ade to the best of my ability as the Lord will direct. Join faith with me, beloved, that this soul will truly be the Lord’s.

Lastly, in one of the sessions, I had the opportunity to preach to almost all of the freshmen students. I began with Isa. 1:18 along with many other salvation Scriptures. Afterwards I prayed and the choir came and ministered in songs. Among the students, one of them called TEJAN ROGERS met me privately and accepted the Lord. I’m also trusting God to follow him up. Pray for him also.

Love, William.