Foday: Change in Bo

Indeed it is true when the Bible says there is time for everything under the sun, a “time to condemn and a time to accept what was condemned.”

A SAUL has been transformed to a Paul in New Harvest Ministry here in Bo. You are familiar with the name of the ministry. We went there for Sunday service today with my whole family.

Dad, you can’t believe it; the chairman for the Pastor’s Council in Bo preached your same message regarding the church, making reference of the attack [see note following] and now agrees that the message they contended with is the true life-saving message of Christ.

[Editor: The December before we left Sierra Leone, I was called to stand before the Pastor’s Council in Bo, the second largest city in SL, in order to face accusations of heresy regarding my opposition to the “gospel” of Prosperity and authoritarian leadership in the church. There I was accosted by this brother along with about fifty pastors who vigorously charged me as a false teacher and antichrist. Brother Foday and brother Ngegba were present at the Council that December. My teachings on Prosperity and NT church leadership can be read in the books Positive Confession: Counterfeit Christianity and Workers Unashamed: Part One under Publications on this website]

He is the senior assistant pastor in New Harvest Ministry, and he preached with all boldness by condemning their former activities and renouncing any title in the church.  He further condemned all their followers of not being Christian [in their behavior]. He has now come to the reality of who and what the church is.

Gladys wept with joy and my heart was full of joy as we returned home. I don’t know whether out of confession or conviction, but the hard-truth message of Christ was preached with all boldness.  He addressed the whole church to come to repentance which, if they do not, not even the pastors can make heaven.

Pray for him; his name is pastor Jamba.  To God be the glory.

We are fine here, and Bro. William is doing fine with the fellowship in Freetown; the brothers and sisters are talking good about his work. I am lacking at the moment, except the Bible study with my family at home on Saturdays; I am not preaching outside for now. But the Lord will open doors for me very soon. [Editor: Foday and Gladys have recently relocated from Freetown to Bo]. Greet all the family.

Love, Foday and Gladys