Yinnkah: 4th Benue Mission Trip – Women’s Ministry

Women’s Meeting at Ojale – 9th Oct.

This was my second visit to Ojale village. The purpose of the meeting that morning was to speak to the handful of sisters who gathered [Tit.2:2-5]. The Lord helped me to teach them what their ministry is and what it is not to be assisted by bro Amos’ interpretation into Idoma.

It is not for any Christian woman “to teach or exercise authority over a man” [I Tim.2:11,12; I Cor.14:34,35].   And contrary to the opinion of some today, this scriptural injunction is addressed to Christian sisters of all ages and in every generation [I Cor.1:2; 4:17; 7:17; 14:37]. The biblical teaching  was not limited to those in Ephesus and Corinth alone.

“The command is to those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints, with all who in every place call on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord [1 Cor.1:2]. The position of “Mrs. Pastor” is a blunder, an absurdity in the context of the qualifications of a pastor being “blameless, the husband of one wife” [I Tim.3:2]; There is no such thing as a woman who is a husband!

The Scriptures, Gen.2:18; I Cor.11:9; and I Tim.2:13, reveal to us that from creation, the woman is to be a follower, helper, and responder. She was not created to lead, initiate, or direct! Although she is indeed “a fellow heir of the grace of life” [I Pet.3:7], she is not to be a fellow minister in the church as men are.

That “there is neither…male nor female” in the body of Christ [Gal.3:28], refers to our salvation in Christ and the blessings thereof as the previous verse indicates. We may be one in Christ, but we don’t have equal roles to play; and the role one plays in the church does not diminish nor maximize the value of one’s position in Christ [I Cor.12:20-22].

The sphere of a godly woman is here, “in the tent [home]” [Gen.18:9]. Her loving ministry is to her husband and children [Tit.2:3-5] as she brings the latter up in the fear of the Lord [I Tim.2:15; 5:14]. She is to be the home manager where she devotes her time and energy so that God’s word be not dishonored [Tit.2:5].

I made it clear to those sisters how crucial their roles are in bringing up their children in the way of the Lord. It is so unfortunate that we labor and spend fortunes to train our children in western education or the knowledge of this world, while we take with levity their training in the fear of God and of His Word.

With the little emphasis we give to their spiritual upbringing, we only raise them to be enemies of God and of His Christ. The near future we train them for is nothing to be compared with their condition in eternity!

May Christian parents have the judgment throne of God in view with respect to the training of their children. May we not be ashamed at His coming, “for He seeks a godly offspring” [Mal.2:15]; “but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother” [Prov.29:15].