Editor: Mathew’s trip to Sierra Leone

Editor: Brother Thomas Mathew and his wife Jijie contacted us from our website several months ago about their interest in contributing to the work of the Lord in Sierra Leone. They are originally from India and are currently working in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. They have just concluded a 7-day trip to SL where they were hosted by the brethren and had a fruitful time of sharing the Word of God. Pray that the Lord might direct their steps about serving the Lord Jesus in that land. The following is a letter from them re: their trip. 

Dear Brethren

In Philippians 2:13 it says that “for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” When we look back now, we are amazed at the way things happened. Before we started from here we had no clue as to what and how the Lord was going to minister through us. But in reality now when we look back, all glory and praise goes to Him alone.

Personally , I experienced the most powerful presence of God those days we were there and also we never felt out of place. All of you were like our own family members!!. Even the land itself resembled very much like my native place in Kerala, India. The Climate was conducive and the food was excellent!

Though we have travelled to many places in India to do ministry, we never felt the kind of deep attachment that we are experiencing now towards Sierra Leone. Because India is such a very big country, going to another State and especially to North India is like going to another Country. Though we had wonderful men of God from our native place everywhere we visited and were eating our native food mostly in all those North Indian trips,  we never felt so deeply attached to those places.

All the brethren out there in SL, even though none of you were known to us earlier, loved us just as one among your own household. May God bless you abundantly for this love shown towards us; It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

We are committing all our future plans to the Lord as we would like to take every step according to His divine plan.

It is really encouraging to know from Brother Simeon that they started the preparation of the mud bricks. I am sure that the Lord will bring it to pass for the completion of the worship place.

Let us continue to communicate through e-mails and exchange our thoughts.

Bro.William:  You were like a brother to me. May God bless you abundantly for your sacrificial love in accompanying us everywhere, even missing your classes.

Bro.Emmanuel:  Thank you so much for your hospitality; Love to Sis.Liz and your children. Attending the Church worship was a very pleasant experience. We still watch those videos and we loved your singing!!

Bro.Simeon:  We still fondly cherish the time at your house. Love to your Mum and brothers. If you get a chance please convey our regards to your principal Mr. Ibrahim. The good work that you do in and around Lunsar is great, may God bless you for it.

Bro.Mohamed Paul Ngegba:  You challenged us. We still remember the Cassava and Fish curry in your house and that was yummy!!! It is my favourite food and a typical Keralite food. Love to your wife and children.

Bro.Foday:  Thank you so much for your love; I still remember the service at the local church where you translated the message. You were flowing with me!! Love to your wife Gladys and child.

Bro.Steve & Sis.Patti:   A big thank you to both of you, the numerous mails that we had in exchanging information really helped us to be prepared better. Your lives out there have challenged us very much. Love to all your children.

We had sent a few snaps of our SL trip to the brethren out here. I will be sending them to all of you. All the brethren here did a wonderful job in keeping us in their prayers continuously.

May the Lord Almighty fulfill His plans in our lives according to His will.

Love,  Thomas, Jijie, Joshua, Samuel & Deborah Mathew