Yinnkah’s 5th Missionary Journey


January 7th to April 9th 2010

On the 7th of January this year 2010, bro Yinnkah came down to Idoma Land, Otukpo, Benue State for the gospel ministry and he was received by me, Bro Amos Agbochenu and my family. During his three-month stay [his longest so far], we saw the hand of God at work even like the fellowship of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:8-16). I mean God was gracious to us as we lacked nothing!


Throughout his stay, bro. Yinnkah devoted his time to teaching at a local church at Sabongeri in Otukpo every Friday evening of the week from 4 PM to 6 PM, and on every Saturday from 9 AM to 12 PM and then again from 3 PM till 6 PM. The book of Romans chapters 1-3 was the subject of his teaching.

Other brethren from different denominations were blessed too, among whom are elder Denis Obiabo from the Cherubim and Seraphim movement [Editor: This is one of the so-called “White Garment” “churches” led by West African “prophets” some of whom practice polygamy and all of whom employ traditional occultist methods and rituals], bro. Simon Abi and bro. Crescent.

OJALI, OHIMINI LOCAL GOVERNMENT: At this local government, the different denominations interested at his Bible teaching agreed to meet twice a week, Mondays and Tuesdays, at one of the local churches’ meeting place. However, because of the intense heat, we later had to be meeting under the nearby Cashew trees [Editor: A much more pleasant arrangement – out from under the sweltering corrugated tin roofs, out in God’s open air].

At this venue bro. Yinnkah focused his teachings on “The Church which Jesus is building” (Mt. 16:18), a summary of which he penned down in a pamphlet he freely distributed to all. He spoke on many aspects of the church such as the headship of Christ over His church, the need to study the Scriptures, the right giving in the church according to the Bible, the Christian woman’s ministry in the Church and at home (Titus 2:1-5), etc.

The number of those in attendance was above fifty with women in the majority, especially during his teachings on the women’s ministry. There was joy in these meetings as people’s eyes were being opened spiritually through the unfolding of the Scriptures by our brother.

Throughout the three months, we rode on motorcycle form Otukpo to Ojali, about a seven- mile distance, every Monday and Tuesday, and the meeting commenced from 3 PM till around 6 PM. I can see that when there is a teacher teaching the truth, God’s people will be built up and comforted.

We thank the Lord for liberating elder Sunday Atuh, his sons Elisha and Michael (who have shown interest in the Discipleship Experience by Steve Phillips introduced to them by bro. Yinnkah) and others as well. The Ojali brethren are still thirsty for more of this kind of ministry. They prayed the Lord will help our brother to revisit them soon and for yet a long stay too.

OTUKPA, OGBADIBO LOCAL GOVT. On hearing the teaching ministry of brother Yinnkah, the General Overseer of the Faith Church of Christ [Yinnkah: not affiliated with the Church of Christ denomination] Otukpa [Editor: Otukpa is about 50km from Otukpo], Andrew Akor came down to invite him to their Workers’ Retreat which was held on the 19th to 21st of February. Bro. Yinnkah honored the invitation in company with brother Simon Egwu from Sabongori Church at Otukpo.

At the retreat he taught and preached on the salvation of the soul and how our works as believers, including how we do church and ministry, will be evaluated at the judgment seat of Christ. He pointed out that our denominations of today and their leadership have erred from the truth of the New Testament and that there is an urgent need for the church to return to the standard of the New Testament.

Many trooped out to the pulpit with tears of repentance, including the G.O.’s [Editor: General Overseer, a common title of the person who “owns” and operates a particular church/ministry] wife who was indirectly corrected for usurping authority over men. May they bring forth fruits of repentance.  The brethren there wished to be informed when bro Yinnkah visits Benue again that he may minister among them once more.


This meeting was held at the newly completed conference hall of the hospital every Thursday of the week throughout the three months. It was the same book of Romans that bro. Yinnkah repeated with them. Dr. Daniel himself and one of his chief Nursing officers, brother Jonathan, organized the meeting. Those who attended were mostly staff of the hospital. They testified of being blessed by our brother’s ministry and expressed their joy while praying for his next visit to them. Since some of his teachings were recorded on cassettes, some took further advantage by dubbing [copying] them for personal study.

THE CHURCH AT OBAGANYA: On the Lord’s day, 7th of February, we fellowshipped with this church where we met bro. Peter Igoh who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and has been standing for His truth. There bro. Yinnkah spoke on Christ, the willing sacrifice, based on Heb. 10:1-10 before we broke bread. After the breaking of bread he was again called upon to further speak to the church.

He continued unveiling the life of Christ with probing questions of whether we are like Him. For example, from Lk.2:49, Jesus was even being about his Father’s business in the Carpenter’s workshop for eighteen years ever before His public ministry. He was found faithful and approved of God even before He preached His first sermon and before He preformed His first miracle! God’s people being edified, prayed for his coming to minister among them again.


On the 10th of April, bro Yinnkah journeyed to Ugbokolo to fellowship with bro Christopher (Uche) and his family. The following day being the Lord’s day, the two brothers traveled on motor bike to Enugu Ezeke, Enugu State [Editor: bro Titus has often ministered the Word here], where they fellowshipped and broke bread with the brethren there who had been looking forward to receiving him.

Bro. Yinnkah preached on “Your first Love” from Rev. 2:4 as he challenged the brethren to guard their love for the Lord and for the brethren by which all men will know that we are Christ’s disciples indeed (John 13:34, 35); and without which we are nothing by God’s assessment of our lives and works (1 Cor. 13:1-3).

Immediately after the meeting, bros. Christopher and Yinnkah travelled back to Ugbokolo where some brethren whom bro Christopher has been encouraging gathered at his house to fellowship. Some of them came after a long time because he informed them of our brother’s visit from Ibadan. Bro. Yinnkah spoke on “Gathering unto the name of Christ” (Mt. 18:20) while bro. Christopher exhorted on “The old Path” (Jer. 6:16). Let’s keep praying that the Lord would establish the feet of these brethren on the narrow path and that bro Christopher will also be granted more grace to strengthen them.


As the work progresses, the Lord is uniting the hearts of both brother Height Inyiama, a professor in Computer Studies at the Federal University of Technology, Awka, Anambra State, and bro. Yinnkah. They are both teachers and preachers of the Word of God with special interest in the younger generation as they fortify them with the truth against “Apostate Pentecostalism.” They were both speakers at the first bi-annual youth [Editor: Youth, here, refers to college-aged young adults] conference for this year.

The conference is a vision of brother Height and the last session was the third of its kind, and the second time bro Yinnkah participated as a guest speaker. The thrust of bro. Yinnkah’s teaching was on identifying the difference between the old and the New Covenant with emphasis on the superiority of the latter. According to him “if Christ’s blood was shed to establish a new and better covenant, why do we want to be yoked to the old in counting the blood of the covenant by which we were sanctified  a common thing, which is an insult to the Spirit of grace?!” (Heb. 10:29).

It was indeed a revealing and exciting time for these young people numbering over a hundred! They were freely given magazines, tracts and pamphlets written by bros. Height and Yinnkah. The next conference comes up in October, 2010.

FASTING AND PRAYER MEETING (19th – 22nd March, 2010)

Bro Yinnkah also taught alongside bro Height during fasting and prayer sessions organized by bro. Height and some brethren in Otukpo. The Lord used the two speakers mainly to warn and prepare God’s people for the imminent coming of the Lord. The first message of bro. Yinnkah was on the present global warming. According to him, “the present global warming is a global warning of the nearness of the Lord to judge the world.” The message has been written in a tract form and freely distributed to people in Benue to warn them of the judgment to come that they may turn to Christ by faith.

Brethren, it is only the omniscient Lord who knows what has and is being accomplished by this three-month ministry. But surely we know that the Lord’s Word “that goes forth from My mouth… shall not return to Me void [empty, without fruit], but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Isa. 55:11), says the Lord.


God’s people need to be awakened from their sleeping post of denominational and empty religious programs to obey Christ’s command (Mt. 28:19,20) and the leading of His Spirit (Acts 8:29; 10:19,20). That spirit of itinerant ministry needs to be revived in the church of Jesus Christ because it is one of the practical ways of uniting local assemblies in true fellowship, establishing and building them up in their most holy faith (Acts 8:14, 15; 11:22-26;14:21-25; 3Jn 5-8; Jude 20).

In any part of the globe you may be, may the Lord make you ready and willing to be a co-labourer in this noble work. “Whatever is commanded by the God of heaven, let it be diligently done for the house of the God of heaven” (Ezra 7:23); “for the king’s business required haste” (1 Sam.21:8).

Thanks to our God for those of you who have been supporting this ministry in prayer and giving. For instance, the means of our transportation for the three months was the sacrifice made by a few brethren at Ibadan in purchasing a brand new Jincheng motorbike last year October for the gospel work in Idoma land. Thanks be to the Lord for this gift and for safety on the dangerous roads. Brethren, may the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of His Church, give you more grace to continue (1 Cor. 15:58; Heb. 6:10).

For the sake of the brethren in Benue, Bro. Yinnkah, at his own expense, recorded and left some of his messages  and teachings on over twenty cassettes with us. Similarly his printed messages – “Good News: Free Salvation,” “Global warming: Global warning,” and “The Church Jesus is Building” – are also available free of charge. We hope copies of these messages will soon be available for all to read on this site.


Amos Agbochenu (with Yinnkah Durojaiye)