William: May 1 Update

If the Lord approves of it I want to engage in Missions in my future; where and how to go about it only God can tell.  At the moment I just feel the urgent burden to reach the unreached with the gospel of peace. Also in recent past, more and more people are coming up to me with a lot of life challenges for counseling, and by the grace of God, the Lord was able to give me utterances. In fact, I and brother Foday are praying for a trip to the province [This is the rural area where Steve and Patti lived about 110km from Freetown]this weekend starting from Gbere Junction, Rotaprr [The village where Steve and Patti lived for over 2 years] and Portloko to see all the brethren: Remember us in your prayers. As I write, Dad, Simeon has opted to resign from all official positions in his local church, the reason being that he wants to stand for the truth devoid of [corrupting] influence; this came out after I visited him in Lunsar some few days ago. The brother Morris whom you asked me to give a copy of Are We Like Christ? [one of Steve’s books] is also in touch, wanting to know whatever step the Lord will lead me to take; for he is readily available to come on board. Honestly, a lot of the people I meet with day by day have similar thoughts. I think, though I’m not certain, that Christ is on the verge to recruit an army for Himself in Sierra Leone. Remember Simeon on his decision because I know the G.O. [General Overseer] of his church will not take it lightly with him. Let us continue to pray. Love, William.